How to Record Video in Full Screen with Any Video Recorder

As a free screen recorder, Any Video Recorder supports capturing video, audio and pictures of anything you view on screen. Any part of the screen, any window on the screen, any webcam sessions, any favorite games displayed on screen, and even the entire desktop can be recorded. Whether you need to produce a vivid tutorial, presentation or demo video, Any Video Recorder makes it easy and fantastic.

Any Video Recorder could automatically detect video area. The usual process is, play video first, and click “Record Now” button, then the video will be detected. However, it is for the small window, but when we watch a video, we always like a full screen. Then how to record videos in full screen with Any Video Recorder?

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Step 1 Step 1: Download and install Any Video Recorder

 The program can be downloaded from the link: It is totally free, and easy to install.

Step 1 Step 2: Launch the program

 The interface is simple, and easy to understand.

Interface of Any Video Recorder

Step 3 Step 3: Before recording

 Before recording, users could set the temporary & output directories, output file name, and video framerate and bitrate. In general, the higher the framerate is, the smoother the playback would be; While, the higher the bitrate is, the clearer image there will be.

Setting Window of Any Video Recorder

Step 4 Step 4: Detect video area

 Click “Record Now” button, there will pop up a red frame which automatically detected the video area. Since we want to record a full screen, then please click the “Select Manually” button. Users could adjust the red frame by dragging the corner to full screen.

Detect video area

Step 5 Step 5: Start Recording

 Now we can start recording, users could click on the red start recording button, or Ctrl+F7 to start.

Step 6 Step 6: Stop recording

 Like the start process, we could click the red Stop recording button or Ctrl+F7 to stop. Then the recording video will be in the folder as your output directory shows. Actually, the program will skip to the folder automatically.